Thankful. Day 19.

For more than a decade I only bought what I considered absolute necessities. Other than an occasional $5 latte, I didn’t treat myself. No expensive purse or name brand jeans. I didn’t take big vacations or buy the chapstick I preferred.

A few years ago I started allowing myself little indulgences. I get a pedicure every spring. I cut my hair quarterly. I buy myself nail polish or a shirt occasionally. I don’t do these things easily, I still struggle with guilt. But I do them.

This year I have started getting a subscription box. Sure there are some items that I won’t use (this seasons box is great though). But I look forward to getting a present just for me (I pretend I didn’t pay for it). I wait for it to come in the mail. Adrianna and I look through it like it is Christmas morning. And then, for the next few months, I use products I would never normally buy. It is indulgent. It is bougie. But right now, I love it.

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