Day of days

Big day here. Start of a new month. New quarter. First day of the #last90days. And most importantly, the first day of the New Testament in my Bible plan.

When I agreed to do the chronological Bible at the stat of the year I had no idea what I was getting into. Nine LONG months in the Old Testament. I have read my bible cover to cover. I have done dozens upon dozens of bible studies. But studying it this slowly, chronologically, has been excruciating.

I am left with only one takeaway. I need Jesus. If I didn’t know that the New Testament was coming, I would have stopped reading back in February (no joke, it took about 40 days before I looked ahead to see how long it would be). Without the hope of the Good News , what’s the point?

This post is brief (busy day) but this thought surely can be (and should be) expanded upon in the future.

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