Looking For Lovely

I just started a new book, Looking for Lovely, and right there in the introduction are the words that I need to write. I need to say them. I need to brand them into my brain and into my heart. I need to LIVE them…

When speaking of hope: “find purpose in the suffering.” – PURPOSE – this isn’t new. it isn’t rocket science. the trials we go through shape us into the people we become. people who have never worked hard at something are boring. i like character. i love to see the chips in paint. i am just not good at applying them to my life.

i go through struggles daily with my teenagers so they grow into respectful and successful adults (i keep praying this will be so). i say no to things in want to buy and places that i want to go because it is more important to buy food and pay the mortgage. i put aside time for date nights with my husband so that our marriage survives the empty nest years (though i suspect it will thrive). i go to bed early so my body and soul get rest. i wash dishes so my family doesn’t get sick. i try to have a relationship with my parents/siblings/in-laws so that familial bonds are strong. i plan tradition and pack seasons full of bucket lists so that we can grab on to memories during the dark days.

thankfulness is something that i believe strongly in. even so, it is something that i need to practice more often. everything in life is a gift from God. we live in a broken world, not everything is as he intends. however, i want to always find the good rather than focus on the bad.

I am excited to read the rest of this book!

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