In Summer…

“Sometimes I like to close my eyes and imagine what it’ll be like when summer does come…”

I feel like breaking out into song and “In Summer” from Frozen seems appropriate. Who doesn’t love Olaf?

It is almost June, the weather has turned unseasonably warm, and there are only 5 days of school left. I am always ready for the change of season, and I am eagerly anticipating the summer of 2018. True, we don’t have any huge trips planned, we are not even travelling out of state. I would be lying if I said it doesn’t bother me at all, but that is not what is important this time.

This school year has been a tough one for our family. The “odd” school years are always harder for Adrianna and Dayton’s sophomore year has been a struggle on many fronts. Lonny and I are exhausted, and the kids need a break. By mid-August I will be counting down the days for school to begin, but for now I am impatient for slower mornings and the absence of homework.

Last summer was such a whirlwind with multiple vacations, we hope to be home much more this summer. That said, we have some long weekends planned and I am so excited to get away 🙂

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