Detox – Day 10

I made it! I did not cheat. I feel slightly better. To celebrate I had a piece of cheese. Decided to stop at kwik trip for the best quick cheese I can buy 🙂 I’m not gonna lie, it was delicious. And… I feel ok! Yay!

My takeaways from the detox – it was overall a good thing to do, once. I do feel slightly better physically and am glad I stuck to it, even when my family was eating pizza while I ate a salmon salad. Fruits taste sweeter and I have zero craving for sweets. However, I am sick of cooking, unless you are eating raw veggies or fruit everything takes a ton of prep work. I love to cook but I don’t have time to prepare 3 meals a day – there is a reason Americans eat so many sandwiches and pizza. Also, I am surprised I didn’t lose more weight. I am happy to lose 6 pounds in 10 days, however, I think I could have done that without the detox, just with eating healthier AND I would have still had the energy to workout. I think perhaps I didn’t actually consume enough calories to keep my metabolism working. And I will not miss the shakes.

I am hoping I will have the will power to slowly add foods back into my diet to see if I can find one that contributes to inflammation…


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