Detox – Day 8

I am over this. I made it through the “difficult” days, but now I don’t really want to eat anything, I am tired of cooking every meal and I really want snack food today. I went home for lunch to make yet another salad with salmon. This morning I was excited to put other veggies on it again, cucumber, carrots, tomato. But I got home and didn’t feel like eating. I wanted to put cheddar cheese and ranch on the salad too. I made my “medical food” shake and brought some fruit for an afternoon snack if I get hungry. I am starting to feel weak from the loss of calories but food doesn’t sound good at the moment… except cheese. or an omelet. or steak. or popcorn. or chips and salsa. or a latte.

I had been feeling quite a bit less inflammation, but today I am achy and sore all over with no physical explanation why. Grrrr. Perhaps food isn’t the major culprit behind my inflammation after all.

On a brighter note – I am much less “foggy” and have better concentration and my motivation levels seem higher. I have lost 6 pounds. Also, going a full week without added sugar makes natural sugars taste much sweeter. Every bite of fruit tastes great without any tartness – I highly doubt that I have just bought amazing fruit this week.

Dayton’s keeps asking what food I am going to add back when I can (Wednesday) and I still am not sure. A staple like eggs so I can eat more things? Something yummy like steak or cheese? When to add back processed food? bread? sugar?

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