Detox – Day 1

Detox – Day 1 – Today won’t be too bad – the hardest part will be giving up coffee and black tea – and I don’t think that will be too hard. I ate terribly for the past week – knowing that I was going to do this detox – I celebrated my birthday and Cinco de Mayo without limits this year. Even if I wasn’t “detoxing” today would be a simple food day.

Why am I doing this detox? I am hoping to learn what foods are contributing to my inflammation and decide if I can eliminate them from my diet. I am tired of feeling this way – I want to live a healthy and active lifestyle and my body isn’t allowing me to do that. If it is as “simple” as eliminating something from my diet – I think I am finally ready to do that. Of course I hope that I don’t need to give up bread, alcohol, dairy, or popcorn. I am also using the detox as a spring board for reducing the amount of processed foods I consume. Our family eats fairly healthy (compared to the “average” American family), but I want to do better. I am not sure if I will get the others on board, but if I am eating better they probably will too.

I am not looking forward to the shakes that I have to start drinking tomorrow.

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