back on track

I woke up this morning with a massive headache and had to force myself to crawl out of bed. Of course I could blame the never ending winter we are having this spring (snow last night – more in the forecast for next weekend). My fibro has been unpleasant. But the cause is more likely due to the fact that I didn’t take good care of myself over the weekend. Skipped the gym Friday (watched tv), 11 hours sitting in bleachers watching volleyball followed by pizza and wine Saturday. And skipped the gym again on Sunday to go to the movies. Barley any exercise, almost no fruit or vegetables, and not enough water. I have myself to blame.

Back on track today – took an early lunch and went to the chiropractor, drinking yet another glass of water, and I will make it to the gym!

Adrianna and I went to see Miracle Season last night – it was a good movie and touching story, but I wish someone had warned me that I would bawl the entire movie. Adrianna is making plans to see it again this weekend with her volleyball team.

healthier lunch today

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