Summer getaway #3 – Never a Dull Moment



Never a dull moment in our family. After trying for 2 years to visit this state park, down one family due to a broken leg, we finally made it to New Ulm. Dear friends brought our gear down so camp was half set up when we arrived. We swam and relaxed around the fire. The start of a wonderfully relaxing trip (despite the heat and humidity).

Then… at 1am the trip turned south. Adrianna woke me to walk to the bathroom with her, one thing led to another, and I tripped in the tent and sprained my left ankle badly. I heard the “pop” so I wasn’t sure if it was sprained or broken so we made a quick trip to the hospital in town for confirmation (thank goodness it was close by).

We decided to pack up and head home early (I had no desire to travel to the bathroom with crutches – I am not good on them). However, we stuck around most of the day and everyone else hiked and swam and then we visited Happy Joe’s for ice cream and arcade games – the “kids” enjoyed their prizes (handcuffs, playing cards, fake mustaches).

Despite the injury it was a fun trip, and since my ankle isn’t broken we are all still looking forward to Colorado in a few weeks!


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