Summer getaway # 1

Last week was our 15th wedding anniversary. We took a trip to the north shore – got a great condo right on the beach in Grand Marais – spent 3 nights without the kids. Our first trip away in years – we need to do it more often!

It was great. We didn’t have a schedule or an itinerary. We had some rough plans but just winged it. I took a nap one afternoon and we spent 3 hours at a brewery on another. We hiked, saw waterfalls, the lake, Canada, and a moose! The only negative was that we didn’t really get to sleep in – we were right on the water and a flock of Canadian geese called our beach home every morning. My favorite part was the walk out to artists point – beautiful! a mossy, tree covered, quiet peninsula just a few minutes walk from our condo.

I love the water. I need to remember to make the time and space in my life to go hiking at a lake more often. I live in Minnesota for goodness sake. Something about the wind and the water and greenery – it reenergizes my soul. Wish the trip was longer.

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