Just Keep Going…

Last night I made the good choice to go for a walk while the kids were swimming. It was the slowest I have ever gone – it took almost 40 minutes to go 2 miles. It was still 80 degrees out. About a half mile in I wanted to quit, my sciatica has been acting up and it was soo painful. A mile in my feet started to hurt. BUT – I kept going. I did the entire loop, saw many friendly dogs, retrieved balls for soccer players, and listened to last weeks message from church. I need to continue making positive choices!!!

The message at church last week was so timely! Timely to my new “journey” but also to what is going on in our family at the moment.  I love EBC. Random quotes… “Face the facts around finances.” “How are your kids? Are they respectful and faith filled or are they defiant, entitled and rebellious?” “If the walls are crumbling you have to face reality and ask ‘What’s the problem here?” “Power of the team – who is on your team?” “Test of strength and character helps you face future challenges.” Your team will determine whether you succeed or fail.” “There is no celebration without a challenge.” “There is no overcoming a challenge without a great team.”

In addition to the changes I need to make personally re: my health and finances, our family needs to hit the “re-set” button on relationships. The environment is toxic at the moment. Sadly I know that a lot of this comes from Lonny and his relationship with the kids. How do I help them all to help us all?



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