baby steps

Self-care month continues. Last week I took my own advice and went to the chiropractor. one never tires of hearing how “tight” all your muscles are (did you catch the sarcasm?). But, I am slowly feeling better in certain areas – my wrist is feeling miles better than usual.

I also took a day off this week – chalk it up to a mental health day – except it was a physical health day – I took a long nap, watched it rain, read my Bible, and went to the chiro. I feel slightly guilty because I should save my pto for other things, but I needed it. I just wish I could take a day off when I feel good!

Parenting stinks. I am so tired of teenagers/pre-teens. Dishonestly. Disrespect. Attitude. Sibling Bickering. Bleh. I know that I will miss them when they are grown and gone, but some days I think they will drive me crazy just getting out the door to school/work. Dayton goes on an overnight youth group trip to Duluth this weekend – I hope it goes well for him and we all take advantage of his absence to stop being so annoyed with him.

Spring is here. The rain has turned all the grass green, the trees are slowly starting to bud, my lilies are 6 inches tall! I can’t wait to get the fence up (hoping in the next week of two we start the process). I can’t wait to play in the dirt and plant my garden!

I need to start exercising. But I am being more active – at least 10,000 steps a day and trying to do a little strength training. baby steps. hoping to start hiking with better weather and more daylight next week.

Food – Food is life – Food is also the source of much stress. I love food. I love cooking good food. I love preparing and eating pretty and colorful food. However, I do not have the energy to cook the food. My family is picky and won’t eat the food I like. I prefer healthy food – veggies, rice, chicken breasts, but find myself eating chips and salsa because it is easier and emotionally brings me comfort. That has to stop! I ate Cheetos today – yummy – but not satisfying. ongoing battle…

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