Fresh start

April started on Saturday and for me it signaled a fresh start. Not trying to be perfect – just need a fresh outlook. March is busy with birthdays and the end of winter. Spring is here. I can walk outside. Soon I can work in my garden. We can use the grill more often. Eventually things will grow in the area and the farmers market will open. Fitbit has a new update and there are new people on this journey with me.

Saturday was a volleyball tournament and after that I relaxed and went to a bonfire with friends. I did not make good food choices this weekend – ate some junk, drank spiked cider, and at cheese. Sunday was a “self-care” and shop day. After cleaning the house I got a pedicure and went to the mall. I didn’t have the money to shop, but I don’t care. I feel even more depressed standing in my closet every morning. All of my clothes are worn out (most are nearing a decade old). When I look awful, I feel awful, and that makes me want to go home and put on yoga pants and watch tv. All day. That is not a good choice. I am wearing a new shirt and feel good 🙂

Also, the scale started going the right direction – only down a pound, but I will take anything at this point!

Baby steps…

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