The sun comes up in the morning!

the new year is only 4 days old. in some ways old patterns die hard – Dayton was caught stealing and lying last night. fibro hit with a vengeance yesterday. work stinks.

on the other hand – I am excited about minimizing – went through a few things Monday – hope to do more every week. Lonny is finally fed up with his job. willing to lose the title and move departments. I pray that it is a good move and pays off in the short and long term. we know that he is at a dead end where he is.

finances are a mess but I hope to make wiser choices going forward. no weight lost or gym visits but I have made slightly better choices and have decided not to eat cheese except on “special occasions” in January (cottage cheese, parmesan, etc. don’t count). baby steps. slow and steady wins the race.

I had committed to “no plans in January” but I have decided to break that this week. I run the risk of being isolated. I need my people! lunch with Sara today. coffee tonight. fondue Saturday. then 2 weeks off from social engagements!

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