I suck at consistency. I suck at accountability. I want to get on track but my life has been crazy. Shortly after my last post Dayton started counseling. It has been good so far, not a magic switch but improvements. However, it also takes time. As “organized” as I am, I am not good at time management lately.

There are 168 hours in a week. 5 days a week I spend 48 hours on my commute and work. I need to sleep at least 7.5 hours each day (53 hours a week).

I am left with 67 hours to do everything else. Read, pray, be with my family, laundry, church, food prep, clean, shop, take my kids to activities, be with friends. no wonder I never feel like there is never enough time. I really don’t want to “over plan” or schedule my life, but I feel that if I don’t nothing will ever change. I am hoping to get on track with the new year (how cliché) .

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