Life goes on

It has been 9 weeks since my accident, 8 since my surgery. Although at times it feels like this healing process is taking forever, I am also very aware that my ankle is healing much quicker than many people expected (including the initial doctors).

Although it is painfully slow learning how to use my ankle now that it is filled with hardware, I am very conscious of the things I can do that I couldn’t even a week ago. I can now “walk” in my boot without any help, and go without the boot most of the time at home, I took a shower standing up for the first time today! I can now stand on one foot (last week the idea terrified me). So, I am making progress (I also have a deeper understanding of why kids crave positive reinforcement, there was no one there to clap for me the day I first put my pants on without sitting down).

The coming months are going to be an interesting challenge as I ease back into life and restart the job search process. Now that I am mobile again, I am getting restless. I would very much like to go back to work, for my sanity and our finances (thousands of dollars in medical bills, no idea how they will get paid).

I wish that our family didn’t have to go through this process. I wish my ankle worked like it did before. However, if this had not happened we would not have been able to experience the blessings that we have. God used this accident to break down some of our walls. Our friends, really, our “family,” has showed us God’s love in ways that I couldn’t have imagined. I have had unprecedented space in my life for reflection and prayer. And we all seem to have a renewed sense of what is important.

In short, this has been a life changing experience, one that began with a terrible injury, but sustained by grace and love.

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