Another Life Interruption…

On Friday August 17th our family was going on a camping trip at a regional park outside of Paynesville (about 45 minutes from home). We were arriving Friday evening, then Shiloh and Chris would join us the next day. It was going to be a end of summer get-away, swimming, hiking, biking, relaxing by the fire with a glass of wine. That was what it was supposed to be. Instead, when picking our site for the weekend I lost my footing on a grassy hill and somehow twisted my ankle. Turns out, I broke it in 3 spots. It will require surgery and take months to recover. Needless to say, we didn’t go camping (thank God we hadn’t unpacked anything yet).

I have been overwhelmed and blessed beyond belief at the people that have come around us during this time. I don’t know how we would have made it through the last week without any of them, and I am sure they will be instrumentally important in the months to come. I don’t want to forget about the acts of kindness we are being blessed with, and my medication makes my head foggy (so I could write it somewhere and lose it). So I am making a new “page” on here as a reminder that God works through all people in different ways.

I have a long road to recovery ahead of me, surgery next week (more painkillers), cast, boot, physical therapy. Months of not driving or walking. Having to rely on others to do everything I used to do myself. Right now I feel that my family actually has a more difficult road. I can’t do anything. They have to take care of me. We won’t be able to do the things we usually do as a family. Poor Lonny has had to help me use the bathroom and shower, not to mention do all the cooking and cleaning, and work his normal job on even less sleep. I pray that in the weeks ahead I am able to help more and he is able find time to recharge. Getting sleepy, more later!

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