So, life has been busy the past year or so. Obviously, I went over a year between posts! We have had to rearrange our priorities and adjust to full schedules (we now have two elementary age children!). Still not sure how much I will post, but maybe this will help keep those of you “far away” in touch.  
School starts in 4 days! Summer is short enough in Minnesota without year round classes (but we are so thankful that our kids attend Stride, I can’t imagine the issues that we would be facing if we were in public school). This summer we have stuck pretty close to home (with a few long weekends up north- the kids LOVED Gooseberry Falls).
I have taken the past few months to step back from many of my commitments and obligations to adjust to a “new” lifestyle (I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last winter). Aside from killer migraines and a few “bad” days, I finally understand my body- the downside, I need “regular” sleep (8 hours a night, who has time for that). The challenge ahead will be to re-enter my life without getting physically overwhelmed… I can do it! 
Job-wise there hasn’t been any change in the past few years. Lonny and I remain with our companies, not loving the job, but grateful for a steady paycheck and good co-workers. 
The kids… crazy how fast they grow! Dayton and Adrianna are at excellent ages. Despite “learning” how to fight and tattle in the last year, they are actually fun to be around! We are able to do more as a family, yet they are independent enough that Lonny and I are able to have a little freedom now too! 
Fall is coming quickly, our favorite and busiest time of year. With back-to-school, football, church, soccer (both kids want to play this year), football, October baseball (if the Twins rally) and oh, yes, more football, life is crazy good. Our schedules are already filling up, but that is because we want to do so much! 
I am posting a few “recent” pictures below, just because I have actually downloaded them to the laptop… 

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  1. I forgot to add that Adrianna and I both cut our hair! Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I cut over 8 inches, she did around 5! Now we are “growing it out” again (I keep explaining to her that, as a woman, she will cut and grow her hair many times…).

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