Our Summer…

We had a busy summer, so busy that we forgot to take many pictures 🙂 But here are a few, you can see how much the kids are growing up! I apologize for the weird formatting, I will spend time to learn how to fix it soon!

Lonny and Adrianna Fishing

This is a picture of Lonny and Adrianna fishing on our camping trip to Scenic State Park in Northern Minnesota. The kids managed to catch a few small crappies but Lonny didn’t get a bite. The camping trip was fun, but it stormed every night and our tent starting leaking so badly that we ended the trip a few days early. In a few years I am sure we will look back at those memories fondly.

 These are some photos from the 4th of July. The day was pretty low key, we had some close family friends over after the St. Joseph parade, grilled, and went down to the park by the river for fireworks and other festivities.

Kids 4th of July

Lonny and Dave on the 4th of JulyCrystal and Mandy on the 4th of July

Dayton has been busy building with his Knex all summer. He worked for 2 days building these rides all by himself!

Dayton Knex August 2009

Over Labor Day weekend Aunt Misty took our family to the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley. The kids had a great time and the weather was beautiful and everyone had a great time!

Dayton and Adrianna at Zoo 2009Adrianna at zoo

The kids loved all of the animals, but not surprisingly Dayton’s favorite part was the Monorail and Adrianna’s was the Butterfly Garden.

We had a fun busy summer, with many trips to the beach, the Quarry hiking trails, the new public library, and of course, the park.

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