Time flies…

Our lives have been crazy busy the last month, and will only get busier in the coming weeks. Birthday parties, cub scouts, church, and school fill the kids days, as well as work for Lonny and I. Our new jobs are going well, neither of us have any illusions that we are working at our “dream jobs,” but in this economy we are thankful to have work at all.

Last week one of the kids friends turned “4” and had a party at Bounce Depot. I had to work, so Lonny took the kids and they had a blast.


I am daily amazed at how big the kids are getting. Dayton has turned into a typical six year old boy (nearly 7!)… his humor and excitement for life are a constant source of joy (and frustration) for Lonny and I. Adrianna, well what can I say, for a little girl who went through two years of speech therapy (remember she did not say “Dad” until she was nearly two and a half) she does not stop talking… we are now beginning to wonder if she even realizes what she is saying or if she is just speaking (or singing) random words. When we tire of her constant chatter, we try to remember who worried we were only a year ago about her speech… She is really enjoying being back at preschool and is very excited that she is almost 4!

Other than that… nothing too new in our lives. Dayton is going to a Timberwolves game on Friday with his Aunt Misty, he is excited about that… and I am very happy that January is almost over, becasue that means that spring is getting that much closer…

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