snow, cold, cough, and Christmas

Another update on the happenings of our life… we finally go some snow, which would be nice, if we could actually go out and enjoy it. Following the first “real” snow of the year (we had about and inch and a half before) came a COLD front, -10 right now, with a high today of -5! That is just crazy, makes me wonder if Lonny is right about moving east (way east!).


Dayton is sick. Really, it is just a bad cough, but that is affecting his whole body, so he is at home rather than school. And he is not very happy about it, he actually had his show-and-tell picked out on Saturday (his science books that he has had forever). I hope he actually rests today and gets better.


Adrianna has been helping with the Christmas baking this year, which is new. She actually hates to cook and help in the kitchen so it is nice to spend that time with her.


I am praying that the holidays go well. Lonny and I are really struggling with the fact that we can’t buy gifts this year. Not buying for each other or the kids is one thing (we always get more than enough), but it is hard to accept gifts if you can’t give them kwim. Even though we have always emphasized the “true meaning” of the season, and tried not to get caught up in consumerism, in our culture buying presents is a big part of the Christmas season, so when you remove that part, it is hard to get into the Christmas mood…


Which leads me to the thing I LOVE about our church. Lonny and I are actually less connected right now, as we are not doing New Life and our lack of funds has kept us from socializing. But I was thrilled to discover that our church is participating in Advent Conspiracy this Christmas and I love the message, it is what Lonny and I have tried to embrace over the years, but spelled out beautifully.


Simply, the idea is worshiping fully, spending less, giving more, & becoming aware of the real needs in our community & world. You can read more about this concept at . It’s sobering to think that a small percentage of what Americans spend on Christmas could prevent the death of children in third world countries who die because something as basic as clean drinking water is not available to them.


Another plus is that they are also learning about it is Route 252 (Dayton’s Sunday school class) and he is embracing it! I think it is the first time he is actually understanding that there are lots of kids who are not as fortunate as him (Cari is doing a wonderful job presenting this to the kids; I wish I had her heart for teaching these children).


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