Dayton - Fall 2008Yesterday, Dayton was officially placed on the Autism Spectrum. He was diagnosed as PDD-NOS (Pervasisve Developmental Disorder- Not Otherwise Specified).

The diagnosis is nothing unexpected, and it should not change anything in his life. It may help him to get a few accomadations in school (more time for tests, etc.) but he really doesn’t need any more help, he has made great strides the last few years!

The decision now, is do we want to pursue any other services for him? Right now, we say no, but I think I will talk to Katie (at MOMS group) about the many agencies she has to work with. MOMS group, has truly been a blessing in my life. God certainly had his hand in putting all us ASD mama’s together!

Side Note: Dayton was awesome at the evaluation yesterday! He actually shook the doctors hand at the end, and had a spontaneous conversation (it was about trains, but a conversation none the less!).

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  1. That’s great news he’s making strides! And so young, that’s a wonderful sign that maybe he’ll lose any diagnosis eventually! (We can always hope, right?) We look at the diagnosis as a tool to help ds get the help he needs, and it’s definitely doing that. Good luck to Dayton!

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