First photo…

Dayton and Adrianna Lonny and the kids at St. Johns

Trying my hand at posting photos… finding time to learn how to blog is easier said than done. These were taken on a beautiful afternoon in mid-October. We all went out to St. Johns, walking at the Arboretum, pumpkin searching at the pumpkin patch, a stop by the petting zoo…

One comment

  1. Honny I just wanted to tell you what a WONDERFUL job you did. It couldn’t of been better. Not to mention that it gave old grandma some tears…
    Will you update it once in a while too?
    I am so proud of you hun and I know things are going to work out of all of you. But ALWAYS remember that when ever you need me I am there for you ok..If you ever need to call just remind me to call you back so you don’t have to pay for the call ok,, OR if the kids need to tell me something 😉
    Only problem is I had to work on sounding out some of the big words LOL

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